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Language, Space & Time perception

We are pleased to announce that the ESLP conference will be an "in-person event" on August 28-29, 2022 at the IMAGINARIUM in Tourcoing, France.



ESLP 2022 and ESCOP 2022 are joining forces to offer you the best of the cognitive and psychological sciences.


Come and dicover the inspiring scientific contributions by attending both conferences with reduced hotel booking prices and free access to the international reknown Art Museums of Lille.





Registration is OPENED!


  • Dato Abashidze from Germany
  • Dr. Briony Banks from UK
  • Mariam Bayram from France
  • Mr. Francesco Belli from Germany
  • Dr. Jasmin Bernotat from Italy
  • Dr. Véronique Boulenger from France
  • Anaïs Cauna from France
  • Ms. Jiaxuan Chen from UK
  • Pr. Yann Coello from France
  • Pr. Louise Connell from Ireland
  • Pr. Jennifer Coull from France
  • Dr. Agata Dymarska from UK
  • Dr. Raphaël Fargier from Norway
  • Pr. Martin Fischer from Germany
  • Dr. Claudia Gianelli from Italy
  • Dr. Camille Grasso from France
  • Dr. Francesco Ianì from Italy
  • Dr. Adil Ishag from Germany
  • Dr. Solène Kalénine from France
  • Dr. Gunjan Khera from UAE
  • Pr. Pia Knoeferle from Germany
  • Pr. Hamutal Kreiner from Israel
  • Ms. Elena Kulkova from Germany
  • Katharina Kühne from Germany
  • Anastasia Malyshevskaya from Russia
  • Mr. Fabio Marson from Italy
  • Ms. Emiko Muraki from Canada
  • Dr. Andriy Myachykov from UK
  • Dr. Ladislas Nalborczyk from France
  • Pr. Penny Pexman from Canada
  • Ms. Olesia Platonova from Germany
  • Ms. Ana-Maria Plesca from Germany
  • Pr. Claudia Repetto from Italy
  • Ms. Guyu Shen from UK
  • Dr. Laura Speed from Netherland
  • Dr. Rens Van Hoef from UK
  • Dr. Glenn Williams from UK
  • Ms. Hélène Wilquin from France
  • Dr. Bo Yao from UK

The conference manual has been sent to the email addresses that used for registration. If you are a participant while didn't get update from us, please don't hesitate to contact li.bing[AT]univ-lille.fr

Organizing team

Yvonne N. Delevoye-Turrell, Bing Li & Tatjana A. Nazir  (SCALab, UMR9193, Université de Lille)



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